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Avoid A Birthday Bust!

Hire A Professional Children's Magician Like David Funn


The Funn Package

40 Minute Magic Show

  • Live Rabbit

  • Free Magic Wands for All Children

  • Birthday Child Assists in At Least Two Routines

  • Great Jokes and Magical Routines for The Whole Family

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The Premium


One Hour Magic Show


  • Amazing Magic Show

  • Live Rabbit

  • Free Magic Wands

  • Birthday Child is the Star of the Show! PLUS...

  • Birthday Child Floats

  • Free Balloon Animal For Each Child

Our Most

Popular Package


Premium Plus Package

2 Hour Party Entertainment


1 Hour Magic Show + Games, Prizes, Music, and Dancing


  • Awesome Magic Show

  • Live Rabbit

  • Free Magic Wands For All

  • Birthday Child is the Star of the         Show!

  • Birthday Child Floats

  • Free Balloons PLUS...


Are You Ready To...
Get an extraordinary magic show designed for FAMILIES?
Have a great time as the birthday child get's to actually create the magic!

What You Can Expect:

  • An Age Appropriate, Professional Show

  • Your Child Feels Likes The Star of the Show

  • More Time at The Party for you to enjoy as I Keep All of the Children Engaged

  • Great Kodak Moments of Your Child and Their Friends

  • Lots of Smiling, Laughing and Having a Great Time

  • No Bored Children, and Even Better... No Bored Adults.

  • My Shows are Designed to Keep All Ages Laughing and Having Fun

  • Everyone Gets To Participate in the Magic Show


I Understand That When I Book Now,

I get Exclusive Access to the "David FunN Experience Magic Show", which includes:

  • An extraordinary birthday party experience where every child gets to participate

  • Time actually enjoying the party

  • Freedom to Capture photos and videos of your child and their friends smiling and laughing

  • A professional magic show right in the comfort of your home, restaurant, or party venue

  • Live Bunny Rabbit that appears right in your child's hands

  • Magic Show that will leave your guests touched, moved, and inspired (AND everyone enjoys their fair share of laughs and smiles)

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “David FunN Experience Magic Show” is another minute You may Miss out on your ideal date and time. Put the power of “David FunN Experience Magic Show” to work for you so you can quickly and easily create a memory that will last a lifetime


P.P.S. This extraordinary magic show is designed for families and the birthday child get's to participate throughout the show (they actually get to create the magic)!

P.P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at these testimonials from happy Parents just like you!

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