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Virtual Magic Shows for Families, Events, and Parties and 

"How To" Educational Magic Experiences Available Too

To Make Sure That

Your Special Day is Saved...

1. Click The 'Check Availability' Button Below

2. Enter Your Information and Submit

I'll Be Reaching Out Within 24 Hours About Your Event!

If You Want To Get In Contact Immediately

Call: 516-334-6636

20190425-155316-21531 D SC GC Regency Eg

The Premium


45 Minute Magic Show


  • Amazing Interactive Magic Show

  • Live Rabbit

  • Audience Participation Over Zoom

  • Can Be Adapted for Adult and Child Audiences

Our Most

Popular Package

20190425-155316-21531 D SC GC Regency Eg

Educational Experience

15 Minute Magic Experience


  • You Get To Learn How To Perform a Few Magic Tricks Using Items You Can Find in The House

  • Great for Kids

  • Individualized Attention

Are You Ready To...
Get an extraordinary magic show designed for FAMILIES?
Have a great time as the birthday child get's to actually create the magic!

What You Can Expect:

  • An Age Appropriate, Professional Show

  • Lots of Smiling, Laughing and Having a Great Time

  • No Bored Children, and Even Better... No Bored Adults.

  • My Shows are Designed to Keep All Ages Laughing and Having Fun

  • Perfect for Staying at Home, Great to Invite people from all over the world. Up to 100 Participants

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